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Soccer Masters College Prospect Camps


D1 & D3 schools we work with where the

Head Coach is a Soccer Masters Staff member:

Soccer Masters Men’s Coaching Staff

Bowdoin College – Scott Wiercinski – Head Coach

Brown University – Chase Wileman – Head Coach

Cal Tech – Duncan Gillis – Head Coach

Columbia University – Mike Casper – Head Coach

Cornell University – John Smith – Head Coach

Duke University – John Kerr – Head Coach

Georgetown University – Brian Wiese – Head Coach

Harvard University – Josh Shapiro – Head Coach

Haverford College – Kevin Brenner – Head Coach

Johns Hopkins University – Craig Appleby – Head Coach

Middlebury College – Greg Conrad – Assistant Coach

MIT – Ken Bovell – Head Coach

Occidental College – Rod Lafaurie – Head Coach

Pomona Pitzer – Mike Ditta – Head Coach

Princeton University – Sam Maira – Assistant Coach

Tufts University – Kyle Dezotell – Head Coach

UCLA – Ryan Jordan – Head Coach

University of Michigan – Chaka Daley – Head Coach

University of Pennsylvania – Brian Gill – Head Coach

University of Virginia – Matt Chulis – Associate Head Coach

Washington & Lee University – Mike Singleton – Head Coach

Washington University in St. Louis – Andrew Bordelon – Head Coach

Wesleyan University – Geoff Wheeler – Head Coach

Williams College – Steffen Siebert – Head Coach

Yale University – Kylie Stannard – Head Coach

Soccer Masters Women’s Coaching Staff

Amherst College Jennifer Hughes – Head Coach 

Bowdoin College Brianne Smithson – Head Coach 

Brown University Kia McNeill – Head Coach 

Cal Berkeley Neil McGuire – Head Coach 

Colby College TBD – Head Coach 

Cornell University Rob Ferguson – Head Coach 

Dartmouth College Taylor Schramm – Head Coach   

Georgetown University Dave Nolan – Head Coach 

Haverford College Jamie Schneck – Head Coach 

Johns Hopkins University Dan Weiler – Head Coach 

Middlebury College Peter Kim – Head Coach 

MIT Martin Desmarais – Head Coach 

Princeton University Sean Driscoll – Head Coach 

Stanford University Paul Ratcliffe – Head Coach 

Swarthmore College Todd Anckaitis – Head Coach 

Tufts University Martha Whiting – Head Coach 

UCLA Marguerite Aozasa – Head Coach 

University of Chicago Amy Reifert – Head Coach 

University of Miami Ken Mashur – Head Coach

University of Michigan Jennifer Klein – Head Coach 

University of Notre Dame Nate Norman – Head Coach 

University of Pennsylvania Kristine Turner – Head Coach 

U. of Southern California   Jane Alukonis – Head Coach 

University of Virginia Ron Raab – Associate Head Coach  

Wake Forest Brittany Cameron – Associate Head Coach 

Washington & Lee University Tiffany Pins – Head Coach 

Wesleyan University Eva Meredith – Head Coach 

Williams College Sarah Raymond – Head Coach 

Yale University Sarah Martinez – Head Coach 

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